10 best wildlife animals in Alps mountain range

Alps is a beautiful mountain range, located entirely in Europe. Alps of Switzerland, i.e. Swiss Alps are the largest portion of the Alps mountain range. There are other countries in Alps, including, Italy, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, Monaco, and Slovenia. Most of the highest mountains in Alps lie in the Swiss region of the mountain range. There are several rivers, lakes, and valleys in Alps. Beside the amazing landscape of the mountain range, abundant wildlife animal species can be found in the mountain range.

10 amazing Wildlife species of Alps mountain range

Today, we will be talking about the wildlife species of Alps mountain range. There are 30,000 wildlife animal species in the mountain range. We will only be discussing the top 10 animal species in Alps; plants species or Flora species would be discuss some other time. Next is list of the 10 amazing wildlife species in Alps.

  1. European LynxEuropean Lynx is rare species of wild cat, mainly located in the Slovenian region of the mountain range. Owing to forestation, Lynx was killed in masses in the European region. However, recently 300 species of Lynx have been reintroduced into the region. Major foods of Lynx are hunting deer, mountain goat, and small herbivores. The maximum lifetime span of a Lynx is 15 years.
  2. Eagle Owlstop 10 Wildlife species of Alps

    Eagle-owls are the least remaining and largest species of owls, mainly found in Eurasia landscape. While they are in large numbers in East Asian countries, but the population of Eagle-owls are reduced to almost extinct in alpine regions. Recently, a few pairs of Eagle-owls are found in rural areas of Helsinki, Finland. Those pairs are mainly depends on the pet rabbits in the city and those who have been introduced in the wilds. The good news is that, their numbers are increasing in the wilds of Finland.

  3. Ibex 

    Alpine ibex, also known as Steinbeck lives in the high elevation of the Alps mountain range. Ibexes are the major herbivores of the mountain range. They like to eat grass, herbs, mosses, flowers, leaves, and other grass genera. They like to hike on the incline surface of mountain cliffs. The total population of ibex is 20000, located in different European countries.

  4. Pine Martens 

    Alpine animal, Pine Marten is a predator, mostly found in the countries of Northern Europe. Dense mountainous forests and other woodlands are the major habitats of Pine Marten. Their major source of food includes squirrels, carrion, birds, insects, fruits, and other smaller mammals.

  5. Common ShrewWoodlands and grasslands of northern European are the major habitats of Common Shrew animal species. Alpines of Iceland are the major region where you can locate common shrews. These animals are categorized as carnivores and insectivores. Major foods include small insects, spiders, slugs, rodents, worms, and other amphibian species.
  6. Chamois 

    Chamois is a goat antelope specie, mostly found in the Alps and the Pyrenees mountain ranges. Their main source of food includes grasses, herbs, flowers, and other flora species. They are game animals, hunted for sports or food. Chamois leather is an amazing fabric that is used to make different products and accessories.

  7. Red Squirrel 

    Red squirrels are mostly located in Alpines of Germany and Finland. Their habitats are broadleaf woodlands and coniferous forests. Their numbers in the wilds are decreasing due to human influence on their habitat. Predators such as red fox, pine marten, owl, and other carnivores are also decreasing their numbers. The maximum lifespan of a red squirrel is 3 years.

  8. Marmots 

    Marmots are large size squirrels mostly found in mountainous region of the Alps, Sierra Nevada, Pyrenees, Rocky Mountains, and black hills. Their food includes grasses, mosses, roots, leaves, fruits, and other herbs.

  9. Red Fox 

    Foxes can also be seen in the Alps mountain range. People can found these beautiful animals while hiking the Swiss Alps. Red fox is an omnivore mammal species. They generally hunt small animals like rabbits and a few other rodents. People can also find them in the neighborhood of Zurich city. These animals are not a threat to humans, so that they can easily go around in the urban areas of the Zurich city. Due to lesser threat from human, their numbers are also increasing in the Alps of Switzerland.

  10. Red Deer 

    People can located red deer in the Swiss Alps. It is the largest species of deer, located in several different countries of Europe, Latin America, North America, and Northwestern Africa. They generally live by eating grass, leaves, and other smaller plant species. Maximum life span of a red deer is 15 years in the wilds and 20 years in captivity.

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