10 best US national parks for bicycle touring


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike – John F. Kennedy

Riding on a bike in a scenic mountain area is a pleasure that almost all of us want to experience once in our life. Mountain biking and cycling is not just a profession or a sport, but people also do it for pleasure seeking. The people of America should be excited to know that there are more than 50 National Parks in the country. However, not each national park in America is fit for mountain cycling or bike tour; some of them are not fit for cycling because a few might be glaciers or park might be the habitat of wildlife that can hurt invaders in their homes. So, what are the US best national parks for bicycle riding? In the next heading, I have listed some of the top US National Park with great cycling trails.

Top 10 US National Parks for cycling tours

  1. Death Valley National Park

    There are many great sights to see in the Death Valley National Park and the fun thing is that, you can cycle across these parks on well-build road network. The road network of Death Valley spans to a distance of 785 miles before disappearing into a wild desert. So there are plenty of trails to ride in the Death Valley.

  2. Arches national park
    Arches unarguably is one the best US National Park. Scenic mountains, valleys, and canyons give you a unique experience in the Arches. The good news is that people can ride on different well-build trails in the Arches. Some good trails are Colorado river ride, La Sal Mountain loop road, Needles Overlook, and Needles Overlook to Windwhistle Campground; you can use these routes to ride in the Arches National Park.
  3. Acadia National Park

    Carriage Roads are the best to ride even for kids. Experts can also ride on the daunting track leading to the beehive basin, Montana.

  4. Denali National Park

    There are great cycling routes in Denali Park especially between Nenana River and the Denali Visitor Center. People should avoid riding across wild animals like Grizzly bears and wait for the danger to pass across the road.

  5. Estes national park

    Old fall ridge road and trail ridge roads are the two best road trails in the Estes. People should always take care and accurate measures while they climb up the mountain or cycling down on the road. People sometimes get into trouble while they steer down from a higher ground towards the main road; therefore, you should learn all the riding skills before going into the wilds of Estes National Park.

  6. Olympic National Park

    Do you want to ride on a dirt road? Well, if you do, then this national park will bring you the great cycling experience to one of the most beautiful natural wonders. People can see the beautiful Lake Quinault or you can ride on the Quinault Peninsula Loop Drive. People can also visit the site of Hurricane Ridge, Crescent Lake, Ruby beach and so many other fun places.

  7. Smoky mountains national park

    There are four great trails in the Smoky Mountains that are Mills Park to Bear Mountain, Cades Cove Loop Road, the Gatlinburg Trail, and the Oconaluftee River Trail. Take your time and enjoy riding across great wonders of Smoky mountains National Park.

  8. Redwoods National Park

    There are plenty of trails in Redwoods National Park; people can enjoy the experience of visiting a great dense forest and a few of the wildlife living in the forest area. Redwoods Trees are considered as the longest trees in the World. The Hyperion dwarf is the longest tree in the Redwoods, reaching to a height of 379 feet. People can ride on some great trails such as Howland Hill road, coastal trail, Ossagon, Golden bluff beach, Davison road, and the Lost Man Creek.

  9. Yosemite National Park

    Expert mountain bikers can ride on the Briceburg Bike Loop over the Merced River Canyon. Photograph the great scenic mountain surrounding the Merced River or take some time off the bike to enjoy the water activities at Merced River in Yosemite National Park. 2nd route for riders is the one at the Curry recreation center to the Mirror Lake and back at the same place. Mirror Lake is also a scenic lake to visit in the Yosemite Park.

  10. Grand Teton National Park

    There are many great routes in Grand Teton National Park such as Antelope Flats road, Oxbow bend, and The RKO roads. People can enjoy visiting the Shadow Mountain, Jenny Lake, and String Lake in the beautiful Grand Teton National Park.

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