10 best Taiwan fashion designers people need to know

best Taiwanese fashion designers

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Are you leaving for Taiwan? Yes, then you should know what you would buy during your tour. It is obvious that you need some Taiwanese clothing and accessories in your case at the end of your tour. Whether you need western look or traditional Taiwanese clothing, everything would be available there. You just need to know who provide the best accessories and dresses. Read about some best Taiwanese fashion designers working in the industry. You get their collection on your tour to Taiwan.

Best Taiwanese fashion designers you need to know

Jolin Wu
Jolin Wu is characterized as one of the best Taiwanese fashion designers. Completing her studies at London’s Royal College of Art she went back to start her career as a freelance designer. Working in the ranks of famous designers including Alexander McQueen and Julie Verhoeven, she equipped herself with the fashion equipment needed to start her own brand. Her dresses are available at the Taiwanese clothing webstore Pinkoi.com. Visit the link below to buy designer dresses and accessories created by Jolin Wu.

Site: http://www.Pinkoi.Com/User/Jolinwu

Moreover you can also contact Jolin Wu by visiting her boutique located at Floor No. 6, No. 41, Section 5, Minsheng East Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105.

Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia
Wang Chen Tsai is known for her respect with Chinese ancient craft. She fuses the Western designs in Chinese crafts, which make her clothing more unique in taste. You can her story at her online boutique website.

Site: http://www.shiatzychen.com/en/story

David Chu

David Chu is an American-Taiwanese fashion designer, known for founding the American apparel brand, Nautica. It sells men’s and women’s clothing to its customer located in America and other countries. You can also buy Nautica fragrances, watches, and other accessories from their webstore.

Malan Breton

Malan Breton is a Taiwanese-American designer known for founding the famous clothing brand, Malan Breton. Apparel brand made partnership with several high-end designer stores including Rado, Marilyn Monroe, and Elle Magazine. The brand’s women fashion dresses, handbags, menswear, and other accessories are available at their online website.

Athena Chung
“For me, one fashion collection shall be one movie, one novel, one mysterious and enchanting story, playing their own unique scene.” – Athena Chung team.
They provide a great platform for fashion stars to explore their talent and bringing modern designs in the life of Taipei people. They get inspiration, ideas, and technique from real world scenario, meaning what is happening around the life of people. Whatever they find interesting, they bring it into their fashion collection. Read their story at their official website.

Site: http://www.athenachuang.com.tw/story.php?id=17


Daniel Wong is a Taiwanese-Canadian designer who has worked in several fashion brands including Alexander Mcqueen and Versace. That made her a real champ in fashion crafting. Which would be evident if some famous celebrity wearing it. Are there any? Yes, Halle Berry and Nicki Minaj love the design created by Daniel Wong. You got the picture!


It is not easy to find the best Taiwanese clothing but Hong Chubby will make you life easy. If you are wondering where to find Hong Chubby collection; you can visit the famous Taiwanese clothing store, the visuall. At their site you can easily shop the amazing modern fashion collection offered to the customer by the brand Hong Chubby.

Site: http://www.thevisuall.com


DLEET bring monochrome touches to the Taiwanese fashion dresses. You definitely need their collection in your wardrobe. Their minimalist design can captivate the eyes of fashion geeks at the very first look. So where you can find their collection? Don’t worry, get their fashion dress from their online store by following the link below.
Site: http://shop.dleet.com


Their is a long range of clothing offered to customers by the brand Wangliling. Major clothing includes jackets, dresses, trousers, and coats for women. You can also get their fashion accessories by following the shopping site below:
Site: https://www.fashioncrossover-london.com/wangliling-m10

Fabiana Chang and Victoria Kao started the brand in the year 2012. Due to their extraordinary pieces, the brand inspired many fashion geeks and stars in Taiwan and other industries. You can check Fabitoria collection at their online store.
Site: https://www.fabitoria.com/

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