10 best Romanian clothing brands you should know

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Romanian lifestyle is not easy to adopt, but once you get familiar with the locals, living there will be fun and addictive to any travelers or foreigners. There are many travel places in the country such as castles, old towns, architectural landmarks, parks, and other recreation areas in the country.

Either you are moving to Romania, or you are a visitor, you also and must visit the stores of the best Romanian clothing brands and designer houses. Vintage clothing from Bucharest is considered in great regards in the foreign fashion markets. To cut the long story short, I will give you the list of best Romanian designer brands that people must try. Sure, you will love their amazing collection of designer dresses.

Top 10 Romanian clothing brands for every fashion addict


Bigotti is a popular mens clothing brand that sells all kinds of apparel focusing on the masculine genre. They provide a large number of vintage clothing and accessories including, shirts, jackets, costumes, footwear, t-shirts, pants, accessories, and special offers. People can join Bigotti by helping them in their royalty program. For more information, visit their official website.
Site: www.bigotti.eu


PAKO is a feminine fashion house located in Pitesti, Romania. It is one of the best Romanian clothing brands that sell clothing centering on women. All kinds of apparel are available at their online website, including, jeans, blouses, costumes, women’s cardigans, jackets, dresses, T-shirts, and scarves. You can buy their product on the online website or at their store.
Site: http://www.pako.ro
Location: Str. Ion Ionescu de la Brad, no. 22, Pitesti, Arges, Romania
Email: contact@pako.ro

MIHA Concept

Maria Lucia Hohan exceptional collection of clothing and artwork are appreciated by many fashion stars and industry iCons. At her online store, you can buy not only dresses but also paintings and artworks. Her concept of introducing artwork on clothing is a great idea appreciated by every fashion geek. To browse her collection, you can visit her official website.

Site: https://www.mihaconcept.ro

Irina Neacsu

Irina Neacsu, is an interior architecture designer, who focuses her major skills in designing furniture and decorations. She applies her designing skills in textiles and furniture with details and illustrations. At her online store, you can buy decorations, furniture, designs, books, illustration, and a small collection of clothing. To discover more about her, you can visit her official website.

Site: http://irinaneacsu.com

Bogdan Moga

Bodgan Moga is an interior designer having skills in designing decoration pieces and artworks. He is considered as one of the best Romanian designers in the industry. People can discover his various projects on his personal website.

Site: http://www.bogdanmoga.com

Rhea Costa

Rhea Costa is a talented designer from Romania. She has her skills in making designer dresses, party dresses, and other great number of apparels. She also has contributed to several high end fashion brands such as BOHO and Muse. Get to know more about her on her official website.

Site: http://www.rheacosta.com


Carla Zabo

Carla Zabo personal brand is considered as of the best Romanian clothing brands. She has her skills in interior designing. She started as an advertiser for different companies and brands. Then, later in her career, she started her own jewelry store in Bucharest.
She is unique in a way that she implies her skills and creativeness in the pieces of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. To buy her collection, you can visit her official store or you can take your ride to her local store in Bucharest City.

Address: Intrarea Erou Ion Calin nr. 4, București 020533, Romania

Site: http://carlaszabo.com


Lorena Sarbu is a New York based Romanian designer. Her collection is available at her official website. She mainly focuses on womens clothing, so women can discover her pieces at her website.

Site: http://lorenasarbu.com/

Aura Cercel

Creating fashion for the Women & Men of tomorrow, comfortably living in the present.

She has a broad mind in fashion and provides splendid designer clothing for both men and women. Her vintage clothing collection is available on her personal website. You can also buy the clothing collection her online store.

Site: http://www.auracercel.com/new-products/

Yoko Fashion

Yoko is a Romanian retail store that provides a large number of vintage clothing in the feminine genre. Their great number of womens fashion dresses include, blouses, skirts, jackets, trousers, and miscellaneous accessories for women. To buy their collection, you can visit their online store.

Shop: https://www.yokko.com/just-in/

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