10 Best question and answer websites like Quora

Finding answers to any query is now very easy. Some say you Google it, while others tell you to go on Yahoo answers, solutions are there waiting for you. Are there any other website to find answers of your questions. People should happy to know that Google and Yahoo are no longer the only platforms for problem solving; there are hundreds of question and answer websites such as Quora, Wiki answers, and a huge list of other Q&A websites. Among the other Q&A websites, Quora is now grabbing the entire market. It is the leader in the field of the Q&A websites.

Top 10 best question and answer websites like Quora

Today, you will learn about the top 10 websites like Quora. Starting from Wiki answers, we will go down the list to get to know the entire list of Q&A websites.

    1. Yahoo answers 

      Yahoo Answers is the first to known Q&A website that acts as a platform where people can ask question and other can give answers. People take an active part on the website to help their fellow crowd. Ask any question and wait for the answer. I am sure you will get the answer of it here.

    2. Wiki answers 

      Wiki answers is another best question and answer websites like Quora. It has a huge database of answers to people’s question in each category or topic. Currently, there are 5372 categories in the Wiki answers platform.

    3. Ask.com 

      Ask.com is a search engine for answers against your question. You can ask any question, website will give you a detailed list of websites matching your question. You can visit any website from the list. Feel free to search anything on this great platform.

    4. www.answers.com 

      Answers.com is an article directory for problem solving. It has a huge list of articles in each category or field. Answers are written in the form of articles. You can search your question in the search box; answers to the question will be available in the result of the search.

    5. ehow 

      The website, ehow also work in the same fashion as answers.com. It also gives you a list of articles against your query. Articles are written in how to style or theme.

    6. Allexperts
      Allexperts is the platform having a huge number of expert members that work on the platform. It is a community like Quora. You can get answers to any of your questions. Also you can search answers to your question in mind. Many answers would already have been written in the platform.
    7. Stackoverflow 

      It is one of the best question and answer website like Quora. However, stackoverflow work great for professionals in programming and designing. Any problem in the coding in any language has been answered in the stackoverflow. You can make a reputation here by providing the answer to people coding problems. You will be given feedback on your answers.

    8. Blurtit
      Blurt.it is a fun platform to find answers to any general question. You can search for already written articles or you can contact with other Blurtit members.
    9. Kgbanswers 

      Kgbanswers is a great place to find already answered questions. There are many detail answers to different queries on this platform. Discover more, by visiting this website.

    10. About 

      About is another big platform, more like ehow, where you can find answers in the form of articles. Read the detail article against the query that you search on about.com



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