10 Best places to retire in Nevada

Nevada is the state that represents the true beauty of the United States. Millions of people from around the World visit the Las Vegas city of Nevada.

Lake, beaches, National Parks, Grand canyons, and pleasure activities in the city of Las Vegas, bring millions of tourists to the state.

There are many communes/cities in the state of Nevada that give the people everything they need for a peaceful, healthy, and safe life.

best places to retire in Nevada



10 Best cities in Nevada, based Quality of Life

Cities on our list are categorized based upon the cost of living, quality of life, employment rates, and weather for the people to live in.

Merits that defines the quality of life in a city includes:

  • Cost of living
  • Crime Rate
  • Employment Rate
  • Tax Rate
  • Median Household Income
  • Rent/Property Rates
  • Weather


Based on these merits, we have listed 10 best places to retire in Nevada with Incline Village placed at the top position.


10 best places to retire in Nevada that you must know

Let’s read the list of best places to retire in Nevada.


  1. Incline Village

    As we have mentioned before, Incline Village is the best place to live in Nevada. The village is located on the side of Lake Tahoe, which is one beautiful lake to picturesque to the beauty of Nevada.Less crowded village, with only 8777 happy faces will offer you the neighborhood near your home. The median household income is $90281 and the median household price is only $921,060.

    The Lake Tahoe’s Shakespeare festival, invites thousands of people from the other state of the US.  The crime rate is quite low with only 3 incidents recorded in the year 2012. Also, weather is good for every life living in this part of the United States.

  2. Gardnerville

    The Gardnerville city has a beautiful weather. Quality of life is much better as compared to the other cities of the United States. The city claimed the 14th place on the safety/crime index list. That is the reason it deserves the 2nd position on the list of best places to retire in Nevada. There is no doubt it is one of the best places to retire in Nevada.

  1. Boulder City

    Boulder City is a great place for retirees. The small population of the city lives a stress free life, because of the fact that there is a low unemployment rate in the city. You can easily get a job in the city.Just a few kilometers away, people can find the great Hoover Dam that provides electricity of millions of houses in the state of Nevada. Also low crime rate makes Boulder one great city to live in.

  2. City of Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, also known as Sin City due to its tolerance to adult entertainment, is a great city for touring and entertainment business.High price, rental homes and hotel reservations, makes it a lovely city for the realtors to invest their money on the property business, but buyers considered it as a less likely city for buying a property. High crime is the long time issue with Vegas city.

    Many accidents have been reported in the previous years. As a matter of fact, the crime rate against 100,000 people is 3582 per year.

    People like to buy homes in some safe city, but the good news is the high employment rate. Against employment, it is the 7th best city to live in Nevada.

  3. Arden

    It is a planned community just made for its 57432 residents. The nearby city of Las Vegas, give it a little shade of the city, meaning crime incidents reported in smaller numbers as compared to Las Vegas. Moreover, employment rate is good so that is a positive signature to the Arden community of Nevada.

  4. City of Henderson

    Henderson is the second largest city of Nevada. It has a population of 260068 residents living a stress free life. The employment rate is high, but crime rate is also high.Safety is the first thing that people ask for, but Henderson ranked low against safety, which is why it goes down in the list of 10 Best places to retire in Nevada.

    Another great thing is that people can visit several great tourist’s sites. People would love to visit the lake Las Vegas, Black Mountain, River Mountains, or they just can play golf at the Rio Secco Golf Club.

  5. Mesquite

    At the border of Nevada and Arizona, Mesquite will bring you the best place for playing golf. People can enjoy eatables or cuisines, especially tacos in the famous Los Lupes Restaurant, Nevada. Also crime rate is low, and quality of life is great for a happy living.

  6. City of Elko

    In the city of Elko, people can enjoy the optimum weather they want. It has a population of 18546 residents. Quality of life in Elko is 8% lower than the national average of 100 around the States. Low tax rate is a good news to the business people especially who sell product across the country in different cities.

  7. City of North Las Vegas

    The city has its own music and color. It is quite different to the Las Vegas as have discussed before. Most of the area of North Las Vegas has been covered by desert land.According to the 2010 census, the city has a population of 216961 residents. Mojave Desert gives tough time to the residents of North Las Vegas. The good news is the amenity available to every person living in the city.

  8. Johnson Lane

    Last among the best places to retire in Nevada is Johnson Lane. It is a safe place as compared to city of to Las Vegas or others mentioned above. According to the safety/crime index, Johnson Lane is ranked 24th in the overall ranking of cities.Highest median household value, which is $446400, will give the property buyer a tough time to buy property or leasehold of the properties. On the other side, household income is $74442, which is not very big to support low income people, especially the retirees.


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