10 best places to live in Cyprus for home movers


Before talking about the best places to live in Cyprus, let’s take a look about the quality of life provided to people living in the city.

Cost of living in Cyprus

Comparing to other European countries, living is quite affordable in Cyprus. To local people with low income it could be pricey, but digital nomads coming from North America and Northwestern Europe can easily enjoy their life while living in this beautiful Island country.

Nicosia is cheaper than most of the cities in Europe. It is however expensive than living in South Asian and East Asian countries. People can enjoy living at a lower rent prices than that in other big metropolitan areas in UK, Germany, Netherlands, and other European countries.

Utility Prices

Utility prices are not very high, and because of high purchasing power people can enjoy living a better life with less expenses. Electricity, Water, and gasoline are also cheap in Cyprus. High speed internet access is available at very affordable price in bigger cities of the country. It is better to live in bigger cities than to buy homes in rural areas, countrysides, or villages.

Weather of Cyprus

Cyprus climate is one of the warmest in the Mediterranean area of Europe. Summer last for 8 months, while August is the warmest month in Cyprus. February is the coldest month in Cyprus. The country has some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in Europe. People can enjoy Sun baths, warm sands, and sea tides during their visit to different coastal areas in Cyprus.

10 best places to live in Cyprus

Cyprus is an amazing European countries to visit. People can enjoy weekly or monthly tours to discover some of the best Mediterranean beaches, archaeological landmarks, and historical building located at this site of Europe. So, where you should find fun places while visiting to living in Cyprus. Below is the detail of the best places or cities to live in Cyprus.


Nicosia is the capital and the most wanted city in Cyprus. People can find here all the best places to live in Cyprus. The city has seen many medieval forces to be landed on its borders including knights of Richard I, and the Franks. Turkish empire also send its troops to occupy Cyrus.

All the kings and rulers of the past build several different palaces, churches, and mosques in Turkey. Ancient ruins can also be located in different part of Cyprus. There are many great places to discover in Nicosia including, Salamis ancient kingdom, Fig tree bay, St. Hilarion Castle, Waterworld waterpark, Cyprus museum, and many other sites.


Paphos is the European capital of culture. The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to a large number of historic architectural building located in the city. The second biggest Cyprus airport lies in the Paphos city. There is no doubt in regarding Paphos as one of the best places to live in Cyprus.


Larnaca is the third largest city in Cyprus. It is a port city and also hosts one of the most important airport in the country. There are many places to visit in Larnaca including, Hala Sultan Teke, Kamara Aqueduct, and the Fort of Larnaca. Another great thing is that it has a nice weather and other living conditions. People can easily buy or rent home in Larnaca as the most affordable prices.


Limassol is characterized as one of the best places to live in Cyprus. It has achieved several tourist awards. Moreover, the Mercer’s quality of life survey regards Limassol as the 87th best city to live in the World. Moreover, as a travel destination, it is trending on the third position in the Tripadvisor’s traveler’s choice awards.


Kyrenia is a tourist’s top choice in the Northern Cyprus. There are many great spots to see in the city. The castle has hosted several different empires including, Romans, crusades, ottoman, and British empire. Other sights to see in the city include, St. Hilarion castle, Pasha mosque, and a few other religious places.


Famagusta is a port city and one of the most important city for trade between other European nations. Economy of the city depends on industry, tourism, education, and construction. There are many great sites to see in the city. People can also buy or rent houses in different areas of Famagusta on very affordable prices.


Dali is a large village that lies near the capital city of Nicosia. Tourism derives economy to the Dali city. It is located nearby Idalium, ancient city founded in the 3rd millennium BC. Moreover, there are several museum and ancient remains that people can visit during their day tours from Dali. It is not a big city, so outgoing people can stay in this beautiful village.


Agros is a mountainous village located in the Troodos mountains, 45 minutes away from Nicosia city. It is one of the best places to live in Cyprus. Also, it has several beautiful churches and other archeological sites. Tourism is the main source of economy for Agros. Moreover, meat products in the city are one of the most tasty foods in Cyprus. They are cooked with salts or burned in smokes. Other foods are traditional Cypriots recipes and a few sweets.


Lefka is a seaside town in Cyprus. It is one of the best towns to live in Cyprus City. The town looks over the Morphous Bay. There are several architectural landmarks in the town including three Turkish style mosques. Moreover, Soli, an ancient Greek city lies inside Lefka. It is a great tourist site. Take your time to discover this beautiful town in the city.


Lastly, Akanthou is in the control of de Facto control of Northern Cyprus. It houses the famous Akanthou mosque in the district. Pergamon City lies 5 km east to the Akanthou city.

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