10 best places in London to live a luxury life

London is a top notch destination travel in Europe. Besides a great tourist destination, London has also been occupied by millions of people coming from every corner of the World. There are many different kinds of people live in several different areas of the city. People would be surprised to find an entire neighborhood occupied by South Asian or other by Irish people. No matter the race or sect of people of the city, you will also find as a great place to live. However, you should know that London is one of the most expensive cities to live in the World. It is also the home city of World’s famous celebrities, politician, and businessmen.


Where to buy homes in London City

There are many different places or neighborhoods in London, and each neighborhood has different prices of homes as compared to the others. In some areas, people can find the homes of Hollywood celebrities such as Madonna, Kevin Spacey, and many other celebrities. You can also find billionaires in different areas such as Kensington, where Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian entrepreneur and founder of the World’s largest steel making company, lives.

5 most expensive places to buy homes in London


  1. Kensington
    It might be the most expensive place to buy home in London. Here people can spot Madonna, or they can find the home of the founder of steelmaking group, Lakshmi Mittal. The median earning income for people living in Kensington is 1.7 million pounds. The most expensive house in Kensington is available at a price of 30 million pounds.
  2. KnightsbridgeKnightsbridge is the home of two richest persons, i.e. Charlene De Carvalho and Simon Reuben. People can enjoy the luxury life as they can play golf, enjoy nights in theatres, or they can take swimming classes for a healthy lifestyle. The median household price for Knightsbridge is 1.3 million pounds.
  3. ChelseaChelsea is the home of the Hollywood famous artists, i.e. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Kylie Minogue. The Beatles is not an active band, but they are still living in the heart of people of Chelsea. Everyone knows about the Rolling stone and Kylie Minogue songs are still aired on Last.fm and Spotify. com.
  4. West BromptonThis is an extremely pricey neighborhood in London. People should know that West Brompton lies in both of the Kensington and Chelsea neighborhood. Moreover, Chelsea home stadium is just a few steps away from West Brompton. The median housing price for a home in West Brompton is 1 million pound.
  5. Notting Hill Notting Hill is the place where the Hollywood movie “Notting Hill” was filmed. Hugh Grant and Julia Robert were the lead actors of the movie. Many famous celebrities and artists live in Notting Hill including Sir Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney, and Elizabeth Murdoch. If you want to buy a home in Notting Hill, you should know that median household income for Notting Hill is 1.1 million pounds.

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