10 Best places to live in Oakland California


best places to live in Oakland

The Oakland City has been awarded with many natural treasures, especially one with a large natural salt water lake inside its boundaries, i.e. Lake Merritt. Obviously, there are many other prizes won by the city, including the title of the seventh biggest city in the state California. Many great people have been born in the city and many are still living in the mainland city. There are many highly pricy places affordable by the VIP people of the city. Besides the expensive neighborhoods, some best places to live in Oakland are affordable for everyone’s pocket. Before we discuss more about where to live in Oakland or what the best places in the city, you should at least know a few facts about the city, which will be discussed in the next heading.

Things you don’t know about Oakland City

There are many fun facts about Oakland to surprise you and your kids. Among the many things that you need to know about the city a few facts are outlined below:

  1. Oakland is the city that engulfs inside its boundaries one of the largest natural salt water lakes, i.e. Lake Merritt.
  2. Oakland is the city the 7th largest city in the State of California.
  3. There are 80 public parks in the city.
  4. There are more than 600 religious places such as cathedrals, mosques, and temples in the city.
  5. Highest ethical diversity is seen in Oakland than any other cities of the United States. Surprisingly, over 125 different languages are spoken in the city.
  6. Bruce Lee started his fighting and martial art teaching career in this land. Your favorite actor and several times Oscar Winner, Tom Hank completed his high school studies in the Oakland City. You can also meet Clint Eastwood as he lives in this very city of the US.

There are hundreds of fun facts about that we can talk about but today you will know about some of the best places to live in the Oakland City. So let’s move to our main topic as discussed in the next heading.

10 Best neighborhoods and places to live in Oakland



Cost of Living Metrics


Cost of Living Index (Excluding Rent)

Oakland, CA

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NA

Cost of Living Index (exc. rent)86.677.97100
Rent Index74.8867.24100
Grocery index91.4374.94100
Restaurant Index87.3679.64100
Cost of Living Plus Rent Index:81.1172.94100
Local Purchasing Power:107.24118.19100
    1. The above metrics describe the difference between living in Oakland, Los Angeles, and New York City.

For comparing cost of living, New York City is consider as a basic unit above all the cities of the United States.

    People who live in Oakland against New York enjoy a better local purchasing power as compared to those living in New York. However, the neighboring city of Los Angeles provides even better purchasing power as compared to Oakland City.
    1. Price index of many goods in Oakland is lower than that of New York City, so you will be spending more money for buying groceries than you are living in Oakland. On the other side, grocery prices in Los Angeles are lower than that of Oakland.

Therefore, your decision before moving to Oakland should be based upon these metrics.

    Nevertheless, people who live in Oakland enjoy their time as the weather is great and there are many job opportunities. Many celebrities and media personals live in this city so you should be proud to be the part of Oakland City.
  1. Temescal

    Temescal is an old neighborhood that lies on the northern part of the city. There are several restaurants and shopping malls in the neighborhood. Buildings were built years ago and few are the result of recent developments in the city. Home prices are not that high as compared to a few high price neighborhood of the Oakland City.
  2. Rockridge
    Rockridge lies east to the Telegraph Avenue and West of the Oakland hills. Money Magazine describe Rockridge as one of the best places to live in Oakland. The neighborhood derives its name from the rocky outcrops lies at the side of Shutter ridge formed due to the Hayward fault. It is a ‘little Italy” in Oakland, due to a high population of immigrants from Italy.
  3. Montclair, Oakland HillsJust like Rockridge Montclair also lies on the northern side of the city near the rocky outcrops. It is a wealthy neighborhood and buying a house in Montclair will cost you quite some money. Some notable people who had lived in the city and some who are still there including, Bob Wilkins (deceased), Dave Brubeck, Delroy Lindo, Jerry Brown, Joyce Maynard, and MC Lars.
  4. Piedmont Pines, Oakland Hills
    Piedmonts is a wealthy neighborhood in Oakland. Highway 13 lies to the West of Piedmont. Shepherd Canyon Road its north, Skyline Dr. to the east, and Joaquin Miller Park to the West. Your kids will be learning in two prestigious schools of Oakland as you live in Piedmont Pines.
  5. Jack London District
    Many people love Jack London District because Lake Merritt lies just next to the district. People enjoy the strong winds of Lake Merritt and there are plenty of restaurants for out goers. Public transport is easily accessible from Jack London District. So for people with moderate salaries should rent or buy their home in Jack London District.
  6. Adam’s Point
    Named after Edson Adam, the neighborhood lies at the shore of Lake Merritt in Oakland City. It is a triangular neighborhood as Grand Avenue lies to its south, Harrison Street on the northwest, and MacArthur Freeway on the Northeast.
  7. Ridgemont
    High schoolers and college boys and girls can enjoy their high school studies in the Ridgemont neighborhood as the Oakland College lies in the boundaries of the Ridgemont neighborhood. It is a pricey neighborhood and you will be spending quite some money for getting a home in Ridgemont area.
  8. Piedmont Avenue
    Restaurants, schools, Public Park, high street, historical buildings, and grand cemeteries, all of them lie in the area of Piedmont Avenue. The neighborhood derives its name from the Piedmont Avenue, commercial district inside the boundaries of the neighborhood. It is one of the best places to live in Oakland City.
  9. Dimond District
    Dimond District derives its name from Hugh Dimond who came to the land at the time of Gold Rush. The district comprised of many historical building and landmarks of the time. It is one of the most important neighborhood in the Oakland City.
  10. Allendale
    Allendale is one of the best places to live in Oakland City. Also known as the cinema district of the Oakland City. There are many old theatres and cinemas in the district and other historic places. Your life will be easy living in these best places of the Oakland City.

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