10 Best Norwegian clothing brands you should know

Famous Scandinavian brands like ACNE studios, Wood Wood, Our Legacy, are considered as the top clothing brands in the region, labels from Norway also have a great respect from the World’s famous fashion models, celebrities, and magazines. Today, I will share with you some of the best Norwegian fashion brands that people should try.

Top 10 Norwegian clothing brands and designer houses

  1. Arct

    Mixing leather style pants and classic bowling shirts, Arct introduced the real charm of Norwegian clothing. Winter and summer season in Norway is entirely different from that of Paris and New York, so their traditional clothing. However, there is no doubt in the originality of fabrics and touch of luxury provided by Norwegian clothing by Arct fashion house.

  2. GRAA

    GRAA is one of top fashion clothing brands in Norway. The embroidered dresses, shirts, denim, and other fabrics are considered as the best among the other fashion labels in Oslo. The website provides dresses for both men and women. People can also buy shoes from their online clothing store.



    Photo by Barbro Andersen CC by 2.0


  3. Auma

    Auma provide people fashion dresses coupled with bizarre sunglasses that made it one of the unique fashion brand in Norway. Check their collection of clothing at their online fashion website.

    Site: http://www.byauma.com

  4. Holzweiler

    Holzweiler is one of the best Norwegian clothing brands, as it provides beautiful, luxurious, and charming dresses to hundreds of clothing brands in the World.

    The brand provides beautiful bomber jackets, hoodies, handbags, cardigans, and women’s dresses to the national and international clothing markets. You can shop their clothing at their official website.

    Site: https://www.holzweiler.no


  5. HAiKW/

    HAiKW is one of the best fashion label in Norway. The brand provides dresses, jackets, cardigans, women’s accessories, and menswear to their valued customers. You can shop the brand’s clothing from its official webstore.

    Site: http://www.haikwithus.com

  6. JohnnyLove

    JohnnyLove is a great fashion brand that sells classic jackets to its valued customers. People across the World would love to buy jackets and sweaters manufactured by the brand. Take a look on their fashion collection at their official website.

    Site: http://www.johnnylove.com

  7. Kristian Aadnevik

    Kristian Aadnevik is a Norway born fashion designer working in the London City. He completed his graduation degree from the Royal College of arts. After graduation, Aadnevik started his fashion career and worked in the industry for a couple of years.

    After working in several different fashion houses, Kristian Aadnevik started his own brand. Now the brand is selling adorable clothing to millions of its customers across the World.

    Site: http://www.kristianaadnevik.com

  8. Lisbeth Løvbak Berg

    Lisbeth Løvbak Berg is a talent that every fashion star recognized in the big fashion houses of Europe. She has worked with several Norwegian, French, and English fashion designers. You can read more about her, or shop her collection from the brand’s official website.

    Site: http://llbfashion.com

  9. Frank Remme

    A great fashion designer, Frank Remme makes trendy and classy fashion dresses and haute couture for millions of his fans across the Work. Women’s collection is the focus of Frank Remme. The brand dresses introduce by Remme is quite new, but people love his work.

    Site: http://www.frankremme.com

  10. Cecilie Melli

    She is one of the great Norwegian fashion designers of this decade. Her fashion label sells several fashion dresses, accessories, and products to millions of her fans across the World. You can discover and shop her collection at her official website.

    Site: http://www.ceciliemelli.com

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