10 best Iceland online shopping websites

Iceland online shopping websites

Tourists and locals can easily buy gifts or other products from some of the best Iceland online shopping websites. These websites belong to stores of multiple different local Icelandic companies or stores. 66 North is a popular store in Iceland who sell online clothing and accessories to its online customers or those who visit the 66 North stores located in different cities of Iceland.

Top 10 Iceland online shopping stores

Like 66 North, there are many other great online shops that sell different kind of products to the people of Iceland. Some famous Icelandic brands include, Nordic store, systur og makar, alafoss, handki, and several other stores.

66 North

66 North is considered as the best Iceland online shopping website/store. It provide all the needed clothing for your wardrobe. Icelandic people are in love with 66 North, as they get the best clothing and accessories from the website or local store. Clothing collection include tops, jackets, rain coats, t-shirts, trousers, parkas, and different other accessories.

Address: Midhraun 11, 210 Gardabaer

Official Site: https://www.66north.com/

Systur or makar

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Sisters & Makars is a lifestyle business of Icelandic people. They sell clothing, jewerlry, household good, and other accessories. People can visit their instagram page to see their stuff in action. You can also buy gifts and kitchen accessories from Sisters & Makars official website.


Alafoss sell woolen clothing to its customers located inside Iceland and to the foreign customers. Their collection include woolen sweaters, lettlopi, blankets, einrum, knitted varma shawl, varma angora collar, and several other clothing and accessories. Other woolen products include, jackets, socks, scarves, shawls, hats, and headbands. To see more, visit their website.

Online Store: http://alafoss.is/


Warm clothing is a necessity in Iceland, because of the extreme winters. People can enjoy protection and luxury while living in this environment, especially due to the famous woolen clothing provider, handki. The website provide quality handki clothing collection to its fanatic customers who visit the website regularly to discover any new arrival. You can also adore their collection by buying them from their online store.

Site: https://handknit.is/


Icewear is one of the best Icelandic online shopping store that sell woolen clothing, jackets, and sweaters to its customers located in several countries of the world. Winter clothing include, Icelandic wool, socks, scarfs, hats, headbands, gloves, skin & fur, jackets, and coats. You can also buy or discover their Norwegian Winter collection at their official website.

Official Website: https://www.icewear.is/us/

Nordic Store

You can get handmade woolen sweaters, warm blankets, cardigans, and pullovers from the Nordic store official website. You can also buy watches, books, DVD’s, and Icelandic food from their online store.

Webstore: https://www.nordicstore.net/

Kron Kron

Kron Kron is a hidden gem, must discover online clothing store. While other stores in Iceland sell winter clothing, Kron Kron also provides people summer items such as sunglasses, trousers, tights, and other clothing collection. You can also buy shoes and handbags from the official store of Kron Kron company.
Site: https://kronkron.com


Iceland photos

From Reykjavik with love

Fotografi is the place where you can find amazing pictures from artists and photographers. Amazing photos of Icelandic natural landscape will give you chill and you will all the fun, you needed in this small shop. Discover and buy their collection from their online store.

Website: http://www.fotografi.is/new-products


Geysir provide winter clothing collection to women such as coats, cardigans, scarfs, tops, and skirts at their website.
Online Store: http://geysir.com/online-store/women/


So much about buying winter collection, you need to buy some classic and modern watches. To get the products easily at your home, you can visit the JSwatch website. A huge collection of watching are available. Buy the one that suits your color and taste. To browse their collection, visit their online store at https://www.jswatch.com.

Official Website: https://www.jswatch.com/


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