10 best housing societies in Lahore City


Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, is considered as the most desired city for people to live. Masses of people are moving to Lahore every year. For increasing  population, new schemes and societies are built which will open to people opportunities to buy or invest in real estate properties such as for living or commercial bases.

Since the population  is increasing people are spreading away from the central city to the new nearby housing societies in Lahore. Defense, Gulberg, Bahria towns, and other few societies are considered as the best option for living in the Lahore City.

10 best housing schemes for your future living in Lahore

Some of the best housing societies in Lahore city goes as follows:

  1. DHA (defence housing authority)

    DHA is the most wanted housing scheme in Lahore City. Despite the introduction of Bahria town, people are more proned to buy a house inside the Lahore city where they can easily access their offices, shopping malls, hotels, gyms, and leisure spots. DHA serves as the best as everything is near in this society. Many of the houses belong to high officials in military, or celebrity homes, ministers, and other high income person of the city. Real estate businesses earn large amount of money from spending their money in DHA society. It is the largest housing scheme with many different phases in the Lahore city.

  2. Bahria Town Lahore

    As the population of the city increases, new towns are built nearby the city to expand it, and recently Bahria housing scheme made it as the best scheme not only in Pakistan but also as one of the biggest housing scheme in the South Asia. It has several branches in other cities of Pakistan including Karachi and Islamabad.

  3. Lahore Cantt

    Cantt or Cantonment area is where lies the home of the people in Pakistan arm forces. Many other high officials in arm forces lives in the Lahore Cantt. Public houses and people of other path of life also have residencies in the Lahore Cantt area. Living in Cantt is safe however, pricey as compared to other schemes in the city.

  4. Model Town

    It is one of the most beautiful and widespread housing society in the city. High class people or people with high income live in the Model Town area of the city. There are plenty of shopping centers, malls, restaurants, and parks in the town. Roads are wide and many houses have a high price. Buying home in the town is great as all the things you needed are just a few step away from your home.

  5. Johar Town

    It is one of the oldest housing scheme but still considered as a great option for a living in the Lahore city. It is named after the great Independence struggle hero “Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar”. Both type of houses are available, new and the old one so you can have a large pricing option and choose the one that is affordable to your budget.
  6. Gulberg

    It is also one of the best housing society in Lahore city. Liberty market is the prominent feature of gulberg as there are many high class stores and malls are located in the market. People can buy anything for their every day use from the market. Also there are many cafes, parks, and hotels inside the town so it is a very great option for people interested in buying homes for their families.

  7. Canal housing scheme

    It is a new housing scheme located side by side the canal road Lahore. People can buy homes at installments that they can pay every month, quarter an year, or so. Eden villas also lies nearby the scheme. People can easily move around the city using the canal road lahore which can take people to Thoker Niaz Baig and onward to motorway.

  8. Lake City

    Just like Canal housing scheme, Lake City is also a new scheme with many plots and homes available at installments. 10 square-feet, 20 square-feet, or smaller houses are available at installments that people can pay every month. Real estate business people can spend their money in the society as it is new and there is a lot to earn from Lake City.

  9. Central Park housing scheme

    Located on one of the busiest road, i.e. Ferozpur road is the Central Park Housing Scheme. That’s mean every corner of the city is easily accessible while you live in the scheme. Plots are available at affordable prices to all class of people, whether high income earning or middle class people.  New real estate investors can try spending their money in this scheme.

  10. Punjab Housing Society

    Punjab housing society is also a good option. It is located on the Ghazi road near defence (DHA). It is affordable comparing to the other previous schemes, so middle or lower middle class can buy their homes in this society.

Beside these schemes, people can also check other same housing societies such as Wapda Town, Eden Gardens, LDA, and other schemes. Get your home in these areas or start your real estate business.

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