10 best high street clothes shops in UK

Englishmen and women designers have revolutionized the fashion industry, as there are many high quality clothing brands in the UK.

Each designers has made successful campaigns not only in Britain, but also in other fashion industries such as in New York, Paris, and Milan.The British fashion week is one of the biggest fashion event in the World where several designers from UK display their seasonal clothing.

Beside designers’ warehouses, there are many great high streets clothes shops in UK where you can buy the best brand dresses for your wardrobe.

Top 10 high street clothes shops in the UK

There are a number of high-street designer’s shops in the UK, but here I will share with you 10 of them. Each shops are categorized as the best, owing to their excellent collections, work environment, and from the customer’s experience.

Monsoon (Monsoon Accessorize ltd.)

Monsoon is one of the best fashion retail stores in the UK. The shop is recognized as the best due to their customer services, work environment, and the wide range of collection of clothing and accessories.

Fashion dresses are provided for people of all the ages such as womenswear, menswear, and clothes for kids. You can discover Monsoon summer or winter collection at their official website.

Oasis (Aurora fashion)


Oasis is a fashion retail brand and high street store under the ownership of Aurora Fashion Company. The store provides a huge collection of fashion clothing for women.

Clothing, accessories, and footwear are the major categories of the Oasis fashion store. You can discover huge number of fashion dresses and accessories for women on the Oasis webstore.


Warehouse (Aurora fashion)

Warehouse is another retail store under the company Aurora. The top high street cloth shop provides a great collection of Womens clothing and accessories.

All types of clothing are available, including women dresses, tops, knitwear, swimwear, jewelry, and Headwear. You can also buy the Warehouse clothing on their online store.

Crew Clothing Co.


Crew clothing is one of the best high street clothes shops in the UK. The retail store provides menswear and womenswear for all seasons of the year. Polo shirts are also available for both men and women. You can buy Crew clothing and accessories on the official webstore.


H & M

top high street cloth shops in UK

H & M is a huge shopping retail store with branches in six continents of the World. All the major countries are covered in their retail network.

Clothing is the major product by H & M, but there are other things that you can buy from their retail store or their online webstores. Quickly navigate to their online store and discover their great collection of womens, mens, and kids clothing.


Joules is an apparel and clothing store that provide excellent collection of clothing for people of all ages. Knitwear and dresses are available for men, women, and children. Other accessories and gifts are also available at the most affordable prices. You can discover their collection on their online retail store.


Marks & Spencer


marks and spencer

Marks & Spencer is a big network of shops located in hundreds of countries of the World. You can discover all kinds of goods at the Marks and Spencer high street store. There is no doubt in saying that Marks & Spencer is one of the best clothing store in the UK.

Miss Sixty

Miss Sixty is a high street cloth shop in the UK. The brand provides fashion clothing for women. Summer dresses, knitwear, denim collection, and accessories are available at their high street store. You can also buy their collection from their online fashion website.

River Island (Lewis)

River Island is a fashion retail store under the Lewis Company of retail stores. The brand provides high street menswear, womenswear, and street-wear in all seasons of the year. If you are interested in buying clothing for your kids at River Island, you can discover their children collection at their retail store or their online website.

White Stuff

White Stuff provides fashion wear and dresses for both men and women. A huge list of clothing collection is available at their retail store. To discover their products you can visit their official website.


GAP is one of the best high street clothes shops in the UK. At GAP you can buy apparel for people of all ages. Such as clothing for toddlers, children, teens, womens wear, and menswear. Log on to their online website and discover all of their great collection of clothing and accessories.

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