10 best Finnish clothing brands to wear


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There are many great fashion labels in the Scandinavian region. Fashion industries in Norway and Sweden are selling top fashion clothing to millions of their customers around the World.

Finland also got some of the top fashion houses that sell designer dresses to fashion markets in France, Spain, Italy, Britain, and America.

It goes all the way back to 1951 when pro-fashion designer, Armi Maria started her career in the clothing industry. Her brand, Marimekko, made a huge impact on the new entrepreneurs in the Finnish fashion industry.

Talented designers, from all over the Finland, also jump straight into the World of high end fashion and clothing. Ivana Helsinki, Samuji, and Minna Parikka are a few names in the Finnish fashion industry.

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10 best Finnish fashion brands to wear

  1. MarimekkoIt is one of the best Finnish clothing brands that you can buy in Helsinki. The fashion label, Marimekko, was founded in 1951 by the Finnish textile engineer, Armi Maria Ratia. It soon gained its prominence in the country level and multinational platforms. Many people like the brand owing to their bright colors, simplicity, and explicit patterns. You can also browse their collection at their official website.

    Site: https://www.marimekko.com/com_en

  2. Ivana Helsinki

    The fashion house of Ivana Helsinki is one the best Finnish clothing brands that sells its clothing in the multinational markets. The company was founded by the talented Finnish designers, Paola Suhonen and her sister, Pirjo Suhonen. Keeping in high regards, the finnish traditions and culture, Paolo Suhonen also introduced storytelling in her fashion clothing collection. You can discover her dresses collection at her official website.Site: http://www.ivanahelsinki.com

  3. Satu MaaranenShe is a graduate of Aalto University in Finland. Satu Marranen has her talent in designer prints and sculpture arts. She has a background in art and expertise in print design and sculptural shapes.  In her career, she won several prizes such as the 2013 best fashion women at the Hyéres festival in Finland.
    Moreover, she was also nominated as one of the best designers among the others in the British Museum Design of the year award. In the present day time, she is currently working as a commission based designer in several high end fashion brands.

    Site: http://satumaaranen.com

  4. R-collectionThe R – collection is a family owned business started back in 1980s. It is now a multinational fashion brand that clothing to several different countries in the World. They have their stores in different major cities of Finland, UK, France, Germany, and North America.
    You can also shop dresses for all ages, including men, women, and kids. They also provide people dress in sale, so get to their website, and buy your favorite fashion dresses.

    Site: https://www.r-collection.com

  5. Lumi AccessoriesLumi Accessories focuses on selling of leather fashion goods and accessories. The company got its name from Lumi meaning, “snow” or “white”, as a notion of color balance. Beside leather goods, they also got many other fashion products including, handbags, shoes, kid’s bags, and gym bags. You can also buy travel backpacks from their retail stores. Discover more about Lumi brand on their official website.


  6. SamujiSamuji or Samu-Jussi Koski is one of best Finnish fashion designers. He started his brand in the year 2013. Now the brand has its popularity in several different countries of the world.
    His brand mainly focuses on the manufacturing and sale of womenswear. Women can shop Samuji products and accessories from their online retail store.

    Site: http://www.samuji.com

  7. R/H

    Aalto University graduates, Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi, started the brand in the year 2010. Soon the brand got its appreciation from different other fashion industries such as France, Germany, New York, and Britain. They also got a web store from where you can browse their clothing collection.

    Site: http://www.rh-studio.fi/rhstore

  8. Minna ParikkaMinna Parikka clothing brand focuses on footwear products and accessories. Many famous celebrities and models adore their products. You will also be amazed to know that celebrities including Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Paloma Faith, and Beth Ditto are the few among other celebrities who have adored the fashion accessories from Minna Parikka designer house.
  9. Mirkka MetsolaMirkka Metsola uniqueness is in its charming and ready-to-wear sensual clothing collection. The brand sell clothing to several different countries in the World. Mirkka Metsola retail stores are located in Helsinki, Berlin, Paris, Saint Petersburg, Reykjavik, Amsterdam, and Belgium. They mainly focus on the fashion dresses of women. In addition, they have a few clothing collection for men in their fashion house. You should also take a look at the official website of Mirkka Metsola

    Site: http://mirkkametsola.com

  10. My O MO

    Buy the best Finnish clothing from My-O-My clothing store located in Helsinki, Finland. The store also has their official retail website from where you can buy their fashion dresses. Clothing from other famous brands are also available at their website.

    Site: http://www.myomy.fi

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