10 best Croatian fashion designers to watch

Zagreb fashion week brings to you a huge collection of designer’s clothing from some famous Croatian fashion designers. Many big names come to the show to present their brand’s collection. If you want to try something new, you should know about the best designer’s clothing from Zagreb. Next is the list of some of the best Croatian fashion designers.

Top 10 Croatian fashion designers you need to know

Damir Doma

First fashion designer in the list is Damir Doma, who is considered as one of the best fashion designer in Croatia. He studied fashion in Munich and Berlin. Also he has worked with several experienced designers including the Antwerp. Under the apprenticeship of Raf Simons and Dirk Schonberger he developed his own artistry. The experience that he earned from the Antwerp team helped him launch his own brand in the year 2007. His designs are enriched of pure fabrics and carefully engraved textures. This make his clothing one of the most desired fashion accessories and clothing. Get to know more about him at his official website.

Site: https://www.damirdoma.com/

Žuži Jelinek

Second is Žuži Jelinek, another big name in Croatian fashion. Born in a poor Jewish family in Hungary, Zuzi promised herself to become a successful women as compared to her parents. Her grandfather was a textile merchant. So textile manufacturing came to her in her ancestry. After completing her study in Zagreb School of Tailors she went to Paris where she start working as a seamstress. Living in Paris gave her the opportunity to meet the great fashion lady, Coco Chanel. Zuzi Jelinek wasn’t only a fashion stylist and designer, she also have written several books. Steven Spielberg contacted her as he wanted to make a biography of her but she denied. She died in the year 2016, at the age of 95.

Jurag Zigman
Next big name in Croatian fashion is Jurag Zigman. He is a young designer from Zagreb. After specializing in fashion at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, he was recognized as one of the most talented young designer in the Institute. Giorgio Corregiarri apprenticed him as he started to work as his assistant in the studio. After completing his studies, he went back to Zagreb where he started his own brand, Zigman. It is one of the best selling Croatian fashion brand. To learn more you can visit his official website.

Site: http://www.zigman.hr

Olja Luetić

Olja Luetic is a Croatian fashion designer, one of the best in the industry. Her fashion expertise was recognized first at the national exhibition of graduate projects in design, where she earned second prize in the competition. This gave her an opportunity to take her expertise further as she graduated from the academy of fine arts in Sarajevo. In order to learn more about her, just visit her official fashion website.

Site: http://oljaluetic.com/

Sylvio Roubertto Kovacic

If you are a fan of Demi Lovato and Kelly Clarkson you should know what they like to wear during their concerts. Well, you already got the idea, i.e. Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato love Sylvio fashion dresses. You should try his stuff and that you can get by visiting his official webstore.

Site: http://www.sylvio.nyc

Mandali Mendrilla

Mandali Mendrila introduced her own unique fashion style, i.e. Yantra Couture. It includes organic or natural textures and fabrics. Her designs and clothing reflect emotions of happiness, beauty, and celebration. You can ask her to introduce your views and feels in her fashion collection as there is always a space of client’s taste in her fashion gear. Visit her official website to buy designer clothing and accessories.

Site: mendrilla.com

Boris Banović

Fashion for Boris is not just about making money, it is his passion and as he says that he lives in it. Decades he has spent in the industry but still his collection expresses quality and integrity. He make custom design that fits to his customers likes, taste, and demand. He keep his gear fresh, so to give the best experience that customers needed in the fashion World. Get his clothing and accessories at his official website.

Site: http://borisbanovic.com/

Miranda Vidak

Miranda Vidak is an American-Croatian designer, model, and founder of the fashion brand, Moody Twins. She introduced moody twins scum bags one of her top accessories. Moody Twins is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Beside selling handbags, the brand also sold several other accessories. Major collection are t-shirts, bomber jackets, and several other accessories.

Site: http://mirandavidak.com/

Matija Vuica
Matija Vuica is also one of the best Croatian fashion designers. She is not only a designer but also a great singer. You can discover and buy her fashion collection from her site. Beside selling designer clothing, she also have released several successful records.

Site: http://www.matijavuica.com/

Đurđica Vorkapić

Durdica Vorkapic is the founder of hippygarden, Croatian fashion brand. Their is huge number of clothing and accessories on sale at the hippygarden website. People can also see their seasonal collection, backstage drama, and their story at the official site of Hippygarden.

Site: http://www.hippygarden.net/en_US/

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