10 Best countries to live in South America

South America is provided with many amazing treasures of nature. Amazon Forest is a heaven on earth. The forest is spread across 9 countries of South America. Then there are beautiful waterfalls such as Iguazu falls in between Argentina and Brazil. There many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South America, including the remains of Machu Picchu, and the giant Cristo Redentor, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. That is some information about travel destinations in South America. Are there any places in the content where you can spend the next years of your life? Definitely, there are many safe countries in South America, where you can spend your future days.

Top 10 Countries to live in South America


While there are many great places to visit in South America, there are also many calm and peaceful neighborhoods where you can spend your life happily ever after. So what are some best countries to live in South America?



Cost of Living: 67.84

Local Purchasing Power: 73.78

Argentina is a beautiful country, enriched with natural beauty and treasure of nature. Friendly people will welcome you with open hearts. Buenos Aires, the capital city, is sometime referred to as the “Paris of South America”. To be a permanent resident of Argentina is not a bad option; the country is secure, chilling, and all packed with natural beauties.





Cost of Living: 39.16

Local Purchasing Power: 64.78

The very low cost of living in Mexico pushes Americans to move their belonging all the way to the Mexico. Here people can speak Mexican, Spanish, and English. Infrastructure is not as well as compared to America; however, low cost of living is a great deal for any person who wants to live a stress free life.

Quito, Ecuador





Cost of Living: 44.19

Local Purchasing Power: 52.03

Ecuador is also another affordable country to spend your life. Cost of living index of Ecuador is 44.19 and local purchasing power is 52.03. Great weather and health facilities make the country an attractive option of American and European nationalists.

Costa Rica

Cost of Living: 60.39

Local Purchasing Power: 60.81

Low cost living is a great news for outsider moving to Costa Rica. People also enjoy an average purchasing power of 60.81, which is better than that of Ecuador, the third best country to live in South America. People also enjoy great health facilities, safe, and stress free life. In addition, the weather of Costa Rica is warm and pleasant for any person living in the World.



Cost of Living: 42.70%


People in Sucre, the capital of Bolivia, live an affordable life with only $800USD cost of living per person. As you will be living in the capital, so you will also enjoy business and job opportunities. Health facilities are provided at the highest possible standards as in any other countries of the World. La Paz is the favorite destination for tourists who visits Bolivia each year or in their tours.






Cost of Living: 26.68

Local Purchasing Power: 46.51


Cali is one of the best affordable city to live in South America. The cheap price of living in Colombia makes it an attractive choice for foreigners traveling to Colombia. It is an uncommon tradition to find a capital city where people can live under $1000 USD per month. So you have the right option to take your luggage all the way to Colombia and live your future days of life in Colombia.


Cost of Living: 41.70

Local Purchasing Power: 53.69


Peru is also one the best countries to live in South America. People can live an affordable live an affordable life under $900 of monthly spend. Some places are even less costly than the capital cities of the country Peru. Huanchaco is the cheapest place to live a safe and healthy life in Peru.




Proudly considered as the Switzerland of South America. Uruguay deserves to be listed as one of the best countries to live in South America. Beauty, charm, and healthy atmosphere will keep you occupied in the vast borders of Uruguay. Beaches, Wildlife national parks, and love of soccer bring people to visit Uruguay every year. Besides touring, Uruguay is also a great place for a living.



Global Peace Index Rank: 30/162
International Tourists in 2013: 3.58 million
Cost of Living: $0.86


A country that stretches from the Western coast of South America to the northeastern part is known as Chile. Generally, it looks like a chili in the World’s Map. Both kinds of harsh life lives in Chile, meaning the harsh life of the Atacama desert and lush green forests, volcanoes, lakes, and glaciers. All from the desert heat to the icy landscapes, Chile has a wide range of weather. Coastal towns and villages also provide affordable housing spaces for the people who are willing to live in Chili. Get Chill and move to this beautiful country of the World.


According to Forbes, Panama is one of the best countries to live in South America. Forbes place Panama at the top place of its list of best countries. The reason is the best living facilities that the country, Panama offers to its residents. Such as retirement plans, health facilities, tourist location, and a serene weather. So you can definitely consider Panama in the list of the top countries to live in South America

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