10 best cities to live in Taiwan

best cities to live in Taiwan

Are you looking to move your family to Taiwan? Well, it is a great idea, but first you need to know a few things that can help you understand life of people in Taiwan. Since, it is an Asian Tiger, so you will taste a stable and growing economy. Beside that your kids will get World class education from several different universities in Taiwan.

5 interesting facts about Taiwan

First you need to know a few facts that will surely increase your knowledge of Taiwan.

  1. Standard Mandarin is the official language of Taiwan
  2. Baseball is the national sport here.
  3. Taiwan has the lowest poverty rate in the World
  4. It is one of the four Asian tigers.
  5. It also has the highest recycling rates in the world.

Top 10 cities to live in Taiwan

Being said Mandarin as the official language here, a lot of US cities can also travel to Taiwan. As there is a huge population of US people equipped with Mandarin.

  1. Taipei 

    The capital city is said to be the best city to live in Taiwan. Because there are many high level schools, colleges, and universities in the capital city. It also features some of the most serene tourist’s spots for expats to travel and enjoy their leisure time. Tropical and sub-tropical weather can’t give any worries in Winter. Extreme temperature in Summer can go to 38 degree celsius at the maximum. Headquarters of several high-tech companies are located in Taipei. Also, people can enjoy a lot of business and employment opportunities while living in the city.

  2. Tainan 

    People can live more affordable life in Tainan as compared to those of living in Taipei. Also population is not high as compared to the capital city. There are a lot of fun and leisure places that people can visit. Kenting beach is located in a near proximity to the city.[irp][irp]

  3. Taichung 

    Many people regard Taichung as the best city to live in Taiwan. An economic, cultural and international city, as they say due to a huge number of business and employment opportunities for people living in the city. Skyscrapers, parks, and beaches are the main features of Taiwan.

  4. Hsinchu 

    The “Windy City”, Hsinchu is one of the chief locations to live in Taiwan. It is a highly developed city where people can find a lot of business and employment opportunities. Hsinchu science and technology industry park provide space for more than 360 high-tech companies. Such as TSMC, Phillips, United Microelectronic Corporation and many others.

  5. Kaohsiung 

    It is a port city located in south-western area of Taiwan. It is is a city of skyscrapers, national parks, beaches, high malls, and traditional villages. People can find world class education centers in Kaohsiung. People can easily find cheap apartments to live in the city.

  6. Hualien 

    It is a county-controlled city located at the east coast, a few kilometers away in the Pacific Ocean. The city has lesser population as compared to the bigger metropolitan areas. Beach-lovers will find all the needed fun in the different beaches of the city.

  7. Yilan 

    It is a county located in the northeastern Taiwan. People can enjoy education from The National Ilan University located in the city. There are other high school and education centers for people to read. Also people can find fun in several different festivals and tourists locations.

  8. Kenting

    It is a great city for beach lovers. Due to a smaller population, people can enjoy a calm and slow pace life. Tourists from abroad can find all the fun while visiting the city.

  9. Chiayi

    The national Chiayi university is a great education center in the city. There are several museums, parks, and traditional markets in the city. Lesser population will help you live a calm and happy life in the city.
  10. Nantou 

    It is one of the best cities for families and travel expat to live in. Including 2 university, there are several education centers in the city. There are plenty of tourists spot, where people can enjoy and have fun in Weekends and other vacation days.

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