10 best cities to live in Norway

It is not easy to find the best places to live in Norway, your favorite Scandinavian destination. Because there are a number of great places that will you decision difficult. But before we talk about where to live in Norway, first we should discuss about life in Norway. How is it to stay there and what challenges you will face.

What is the quality of life in Norway?

To answer the question of what is it to live in Norway, we can rather say it as what is the Quality of life in Norway. To quality life of people living in Norway, we first have to ask answer or stats of the following merits that actually defines the quality of life. These are weather, cost of living, leisure, success opportunities, and health care service.


Weather of Norway is very nice and calm. January is the coldest month and July is the hottest. Temperature in January can go as low as -3 degree Celsius, while temperature in July can go as high as 18 degree Celsius. Extreme temperature are not observed in each of the seasons. Placid atmosphere will give you the best lifestyle you are looking for.

Cost of living

Prices index is high in Norway as compared to the other destinations in the World. However, purchasing power of people is also high. So middle income person can enjoy easily his or her life while living there.


There are great leisure places for having fun in Norway. Fjord, coastal trips, and other trips to hilly areas in Norway will give you an unforgettable experience. You will definitely find it a great country for a living.

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Success opportunities

People can enjoy a lot of business and employment opportunities that people can avail in Norway. Employment opportunities are available in the field of customer services, marketing, finance, oil and gas, technology, and other industries.


Quality healthcare services are provided to people living in Norway. Healthcare is funded by public or population income deduction. Healthcare is free for people younger than 16 years. Pregnant women are also given the free services.


Oslo is the one of the best cities to live in Norway. You can find everything here including, quality health care, educational services, leisure, great people, and a charming atmosphere. Lot of job opportunities are waiting to hear your voice. Just go there and get the life of your dreams.

Trondheim (Fauna, Media, Film)

Trondheim city will give a lot of fun and entertainment opportunities. There are also some wildlife animals in the city including foxes, birds, otters, beavers, moose, and deer. People can get education and research facilities from several great number of institutes located in the city. The city will give you a harsh atmosphere as the winters can go wild. You can enjoy snowfalls in the months of November to March.

Stavanger (Industrial, Canned Capital)

Stavanger town is also known as ‘canned capital’ of Norway. A huge amount of food preservation and supply in cans give the city a prominent place in Norway. People can avail a large number of job opportunities in the engineering sector, industry, and other fields.

Bergen (tourism)

Bergen is a great tourist adventure city in Norway. It is a gateway to the most popular fjord of the Scandinavian region.The city main shopping center, Lagunen Storsenter receives a total of 5.2 million tourist every year. Plenty of educational and healthcare institutes are located in the city. It is one of the chief cities in live in Norway.

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Alesund is one of the best places to live in Norway. Jobs are available in fishing and port sector. It has a rich history that dates back to the rollo adventures in Scandinavia and other regions of Europe.


Bizarre weather of Tromso can give a unique and rare experience. Midnight sun occurs in the city. So lightness and darkness can manipulate your sense of day-night timing. Twilight are long; people can view northern lights near the city boundaries.

Fredrikstad is popular for sports and education. Football is a popular sport in Fredrikstad. There are several high standard school and education centers for people of the city.

Do you love hills and lakes, yes! You can get a rental home or room in the village of Geiranger that is nested in mountains at the side of Åkerneset. Lonely Planet magazine listed Geiranger as one of the best destination to visit in Norway.


The fishing village of Henningsvaer is a popular tourist center and island best suits people who love fishing and beaches and shore sides.

Reine is the most beautiful village as picked by Allers, a popular weekly magazine in Norway. Tourism is the main source of economy of Reine. It can be easily accessed through European route E10.


Skudeneshavn is popular summer town, popular for its wood houses approximate 255 located inside the town. Skudefestival, a popular boating event is celebrated every year in the town. The festival is celebrated by approximately 35000 people every year.

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