10 best cities to live in New Zealand for digital nomads

Peace loving people of New Zealand are enjoying their life in one of the most desired atmosphere in the World. No crime and violence is the utmost desire for everyone. People from Western countries are moving their families to New Zealand so that they can enjoy a calm atmosphere, start new businesses, or get employed.

Every thing that you desire is available in New Zealand such as education, health, safety, climate, and business/employment opportunities. Digital Nomads will get the best internet services and entertainment opportunities here. Enjoy the sunshine, mild temperature, and sceneries while you are working on your project or looking for a new one.

Top 10 cities in New Zealand for digital nomads

  1. Wellington 

    It is the chief city to live in New Zealand. Education facilities, health, and entertainment opportunities are plenty in Wellington. It is also ranked among one of the best cities to live in the World. Digital nomads enjoy a fast internet speed, fastest in the country. Orchestra, museums, parks, and mount victoria are some fun things to do in Wellington.

  2. Auckland

    Many surveys and magazines regards Auckland as the most liveable city in the New Zealand. Nomads will enjoy the pleasant life, fantastic atmosphere, food, and yacht tours while living and working in the city. The city also provide people lot of business and employment opportunities.
  3. Queenstown

    It is a resort town that provides people lot of fun activities such as skiing, mountain biking, jet boarding, sky fishing, etc. Tourism is the major economic driver of the city. It is the optimum place for digital nomads visiting the New Zealand.

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  4. Dunedin

    Go social as you are provided with the best internet services in Dunedin. People can enjoy a calm and safe life with no crime or threat. Get around and meet friendly people in your neighborhood or just have fun in any great cafes or bars in the city.
  5. Christchurch

    The city of Christchurch is regarded as the best for nomads. People enjoy safety, fun, and employment opportunities in the city.
  6. Hamilton

    Hamilton is a country-city, favorable for people with country or rural taste. You can easily work with your laptops as the internet speed is quite good in the city. Beautiful landscape of the city will be a mesmerizing experience for first time travelers in the city.
  7. Napier

    Napier is the chief city of Hawke’s bay, north New Zealand. Rent is quite cheap as compared to other big cities of Auckland and Wellington. People enjoy a good and safe atmosphere just like other cities of the country. Napier also enjoys economies from tourism. People come here to photograph the unique Art Deco architecture of the city. Many festivals are celebrated in the city such as the Tremains Art Deco, F.A.W.C, and other festivals.

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  8. Lower Hutt
    It is the council city in the Wellington region of the New Zealand.  It is well known for being one of the filming location of the Lords of the ring trilogy. Plumbing is a common business in Lower Hutt. Also in the city there are several research institutes which give Lower Hutt city supreme importance in the Wellington region.
  9. Nelson

    Nelson is a great city for beach lovers. Sunny atmosphere attract people to have fun in the calm and beautiful beaches of the city. Also nomads can visit spa centers to keep their body at ease for work and pleasure. Activities include visiting the Abel Tasman National Park, World of Wearable Arts, Nelson lake national park, and provincial museum of the city.

  10. Porirua
    In the close proximity to Wellington lies the city of Porirua where children are given the utmost important. The city provides people high standard education and health facilities. Digital nomads can work easily as the internet speed is good and there are a lot of fun places to see in the city.

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