10 best cities to live in France for home movers

France is one of the most popular travel destination in Europe. 83.7 million people visit the country every year. It has a rich history that comes from several centuries back when there were Greek colonies in France. In 600 BC, Phocaean Greeks founded the colony of Massalia, present day Marseille. It is the oldest living city of France.

The power struggle in France started from Celts to Roman Gauls, Frankish kingdoms, Kingdom of France, Napoleon France, colonies, and the revolution against the imperial rule in the region. Napoleon also took control over France for a small period of time.

Kings during their rule in France built several beautiful architectural landmarks including castles, cathedrals, bridges, and picturesque artworks that people can photograph while walking across the city or those displayed in different museums in Paris and other cities.

Cost of living in France

Living in France is not that expensive as compared to cost of living in the cities of Britain. People can get rental homes at affordable prices; 3 bedroom home rental in France cost about 1158.03 euros. Same trend could be seen while buying apartments or houses in France. Property prices in Britain are higher as compared. to property prices in France.

Grocery Prices

The prices of grocery and other consumer products are listed below:

Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant: 12€
Meal for 2 People: 45€
Utilities (Monthly): 136.60€
Milk 1 liter: 0.94€
Water bottle: 1.53€

Top 10 cities to live in France for home movers


Aix-en-Provence city provide people the best education facilities. Advance studies are offered in different institutes located in the city. Economy of the city is based on tourism, entertainment (music/opera), electronics, manufacturing of olive oil, and sales of chocolate. The Chocolaterie de Puyricard is located in the hills north to the Aix city-commune.

Aquitaine, Bordeaux

Bordelais and bordelaises live a perfect life in the beautiful city of Bordeaux. It is the fifth largest city of France. The old city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of the major business centers in France. Many multinational companies are located inside the city including, SNPE, Dassault, Snecma, Thales, EADS Sogerma, and other different companies. There are many beautiful sights to see in Bordeaux including, Grand theater, Pont de Pierre, Saint-Andre cathedral, Roman amphitheater, and many other sights.


Cost of living in Marseille: 67.90
Rent Index: 21.53

Inhabited 30000 years ago, Marseille is the oldest city in France. It is the second largest city and third largest metropolitan area in France. The city has hosted the FIFA 1998 World cup. It is the birth city of famous football player, Zinedine Zidane. It is an important trade city in the country. Millions of people arrive the city at the city port by using sea cruises. There are many beautiful beaches in the city that people visit every day of the week. Based on its economic figures, tourism, music, culture, and foods, Marseilles is considered as the best city to live in France.


Nice lies along the French riviera, Mediterranean coastline at the foot of the alps mountains. It is the second most popular city for tourism after Paris. Major economic derivatives of Nice include, tourism, computing, pharmaceutics, and biotechnology. W3C headquarter also lies in the Nice city.


Cost of living in Paris: 87.76
Rent Index: 44.89

Paris, the city of Light is considered as one of the best cities to live in France. Housing is a little pricey, but not higher than living in London or other chief cities in Britain. Paris boosts a great number of tourists every year. There are several great places of interest in Paris. Some good sights to see in Paris include, eiffel tower, catacombs of paris, the louvre, musee d’orsay, and several other places.


It is the fast growing city of France. It has a higher population of students coming from the country and the foreign students living in different areas of the city. The city is famous for different music festivals that are celebrated in the city every year. The city is the host of famous Festival de Radio France et Montpellier. Families with kids should opt Montpellier as a city for raising their family.


Express states Rennes as one of the best cities to live in France. The economy of the city is based on telecommunication, digital sector, agro food, and car manufacturing. It is also a center of history and arts in France. Opera of Rennes, Saint Georges Palace, Rue du Chapitre, and Tour Duchesne are some of the main sights to see in Rennes.


Cost of living in Lyon: 84.87
Rent Index: 23.94

Lyon is the third largest city in France famous for its traboules (secret passages), that provide continuous access through building to Saone river. Roman district and the Fourvière, renaissance district are a few of the most visited sights in the Lyon city. The gastronomy from Lyon is considered in high regards among tourists who visit the city every year.


Lille economy is based on mechanical (machines), food industry, regrouping, and textile manufacturing. Tourism is also a contributor to the economy of the city. Main sights to see in Lille include Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, Jardin botanique de la Faculté de Pharmacie, Jardin botanique Nicolas Boulay, and Jardin des Plantes de Lille. You can easily afford living in the city and the city will provide you great quality of life with all the accessories you needed to live in the city.


Cost of living in Toulouse: 78.78
Rent Index: 24.42

The main sectors of economy are electronics, aeronautics, information technology, and biotechnology. Airbus headquarter also lies in the city. There are many education centers in the city where people can get higher education and research facilities. There are many catholic churches and religious sights in the city. It is a great city to live and work.

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