10 best cities to live in Australia

Australia is a beautiful country, all covered in lush green valleys. The country enjoys a lot of natural wonders; moreover, the country shares its boundaries with the Indian Ocean, Southern, and Pacific Ocean, as well as Timor, Tasman, and Coral Sea. It includes several small islands that form the part of the country. The population of the country is about 23 million, which is 10 million less than the population of California State of America. Wherever people will go in Australia, they will find lush green lands, and beautiful beaches that they can visit in weekends along with their friends and family. Almost all the cities of the countries are good to live, while there a few cities that people love to stay and wanted their dream house in that very city of the county.

Top 10 Cities to live in Australia

best cities to live in Australia

Today, you will learn about the best cities to live in Australia. Living in these cities, you can enjoy all the things that you needed and you have nothing to worry about living in these peaceful cities of the country. Below is the list of best cities to live in Australia:

  1. Melbourne

    Melbourne climate is better than the climate of a few other cities of Australia. Winters are cold and dry, while summer season is hot, but not humid. Cost of living is high, but not higher than that of Sydney. There are lots of sights that people can see in Melbourne such as Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne city center, Yarra Valley, Healeville Sanctuary, Shrine of Remembrance, etc.

  2. Sydney

    Sydney is a vibrant city; the climate is good for Westerners to live in the city. Cost of living is high as compared to other cities of the country; however, not that high that people can’t afford. For instance, the cost of living in Sydney is 17% better than that of London or several other cities of Europe. Therefore, while living in the city, people can easily manage their expenses and cost of living.

  3. Adelaide

    Adelaide is one of the best cities to live in Australia. The city economy is not growing at a fast pace, but windows are still open to business and job opportunities. This city best suits to the people with expertise in nursing and teaching industry. The city has Mediterranean climate i.e. mild temperatures in Winters while hot and humid temperature in the Summer season.

  4. Gold Coast

    Gold Coast is a charming city; people can enjoy their time visiting theme parks, beaches, restaurants, and sports stadium.

  5. Hobart

    People of Hobart City live a charming life. It is a safe and peaceful city with lots of business opportunities. People can enjoy their time as they can visit some beautiful attractions in the city such as Salamanca Market, Mount Nelson, Tasmanian Museum, Mount Wellington, and a few other sights.

  6. Canberra

    People who live here know better the beautiful and charming life of the city. The planned City of Canberra was chosen in 1907 as a capital of the country. Potential business opportunities are available in the city. It is not a populous city as compared to other capitals in the World. People love to visit many beautiful landmarks in the city such as the National War Museum, Questacon, Mount Ainslie, Telstra tower, Dinosaur museum and many other sights.

  7. Darwin

    Cost of living in Darwin is very low as compared to other big cities of Australia. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia. It is sparsely populated with only 100,000 residents in total. The only challenge people have to face is the climate change; humidity might trouble some of the residents from countries like the UK with a cold climate. Adelaide has Mediterranean climate; temperature is mild in winter; hot and humid in the summer season. Humidity is quite high especially in the months of November to the end of March.

  8. Brisbane

    Brisbane is also a great city for medium income people; cost of living is not that high as compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane has a subtropical climate with warm and hot weather for almost all times of the year. Moreover, the economy is stable and there are lots of business and employment opportunities for migrates to the city.

  9. Perth

    top cities to live in Australia
    Perth is a small heaven on earth, some describe it as “mini-California”. However, city has its own identity, charm and color to it. It has a great climate for people to live and enjoy. People can enjoy their time visiting some serene beaches on the seaside areas of the city.

  10. Burnie

    Burnie is the major city of Tasmania Island, a commonwealth state of Australia. People love to see the Wildlife of Tasmania; also people can take their time in weekends to visit some beautiful natural park, beaches, and valleys in different areas of the city.

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