10 best cities to live in Pakistan

Life in Pakistan is easy, especially if you have a high income person. Safety is a concern, but with care you will find it an amazing country to live in. More importantly, you should know about the best cities to live in Pakistan. Furthermore, you should know about some nice places to life, and what you can do in your weekends.

Why live in Pakistan?

It is a great thing to feel all the weather including Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn, you will find it in Pakistan. Secondly, life is very easy and affordable. Medium class people can enjoy their life to its utmost extreme while living in the country.

Discover the real beauty in the desert of ‘Thul’ and ‘Thur’. Or go north to climb the heights of Himalayas, as you should know that seven highest mountains in the World exists in Pakistan, such as K2, the second highest mountain in the World.

Best cities to live in Pakistan to live and work


“Lahore is the best city to live in Pakistan” – Expert Tribune

People know Lahore by many nicknames such as “City of people of big hearts”, “data ki nagri”, and the “city of gardens”. Friendly people of the city welcome foreigners with big hearts. Living in here is very affordable and safe as compared to the northern areas of Pakistan. Moreover, people can easily buy a home or live in any good society in serene areas of the city. There are many best societies to live in the Lahore city. You should opt DHA, Kent, Gulberg or Bahria Town if you willing to buy a home in the Lahore city.

What are the best places to live in Lahore?

  • DHA

    High profile people love to buy home in defense housing authority. It is the best housing society in the Lahore City. Beside being the best society in Lahore, people also invest a lot of money for buying and renting homes in DHA. It is also a great society for people in real estate business.

  • Bahria Town Lahore

    Bahria Town is also a great society for people from high profile to middle earning people. A variety of option are available while buying homes in the city. You can buy all different types of plots such as 5 marla, 10 marla, and so on.

  • Lahore Cantt

    Lahore Cantt is another great location to live in the Lahore City. It is highly secure as many of the military high officials live in the cantonment area. Non military people can buy their houses in the Cantt area of Lahore.

  • Model Town

    There are a lot of green spaces in the Model Town. The environment is clean and all the facilities to live a better life is available just a few steps away from home. Such as shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and other entertainment sites.

  • Johar Town

    Johar Town is named after Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar, who played a key role in the independence of Pakistan. It is an old society, and that is why main offices of high profile companies are located in the town. It is also a great society for buying home in Lahore. To read more you can visit best housing societies in the Lahore City.



It is the capital and safest city of Pakistan. All the official buildings including Supreme court, Prime Minister home, National Assembly, are located in the city. It is a little expensive as compared to Lahore. However foreigners will easily buy a home or rent a place in the city. It is a man made city and the atmosphere is clean as compared to the big metropolitan areas of Lahore, Karachi, or Hyderabad.


Rawalpindi or Pindi is one of the best cities to live in Pakistan. The word Rawalpindi comprises of two words from Punjabi, i.e. Rawal and Pindi. Rawal is a lake and pindi means village, so the word means the “The village of Lake”. It is the twin city of Islamabad, nearby city and capital of Pakistan. Moreover, there are many notable places and parks in the city such as the Liaquat Bagh, Ayub park, and Jinnah Park. Bahria town is a worth living society in the city. There you can find a home for you living or stay in the city.


Abbottabad is a beautiful, serene, and tourist love city in Pakistan. It is a popular hill station as there are outstanding tourist’s destinations in the city including Nathia Gali, Dhunda Gali, Bara Gali, Shimla hill, and many other beautiful places in the city. Pakistan military academy of Kakul also lies in the city. There are many educational institutes in the city. It has the highest literacy rate among other cities of Pakistan.


Gujranwala, the city of Maulana Shaukat Ali Khan, one of the most prominent leader in Muslim campaign of creation of Pakistan. It is an industrial city, small, safe from the media exposure. There are several small and medium size industries in the city. There is a wide space to open your own business here. So for a living, you should consider Gujranwala as  one of the best cities to live in Pakistan.


Faisalabad is the main industrial hub of Pakistan. The textile industry here contribute a huge amount of money to the country’s GDP. Also agricultural goods such as cotton, rice, sugarcane, ghee, and other products contribute a huge value to the economy of the country. People can get education from high class universities and colleges. It is one of the most developed cities in Pakistan.


The city of falcons, Sargodha is one of the best cities to live in Pakistan. It is the 11th largest city in the country. Pakistan air-force base camp of Sargodha gives the city a great importance in the country. Another thing is that people enjoy a nice weather and safe climate. There are many educational centers and universities in the city from where you can get high class education. Health facilities are also provided at the best means possible.


The city of saints, Multan is famous for being the host of several sufi shrines built in the 11th and 12th century. Notable sufi saints from Multan include Bahauddin Zakariya, Shah Rukn-e-Alam, and several other sufis. Besides that there are many religious centers and madrasas in the city. Educational institutes include Bahauddin Zakariya University, Nishtar medical college, and other educational institutes.


People regard Hyderabad as one of the best cities to live in Pakistan. It is the also the fourth largest city in Pakistan. Hyderabad is also a very important city as several industries and trade centers are located in the city. It has a rich culture and history. Moreover, many commercial goods such as glass, soap, paper, plastic, tanneries, and other products are manufactured in the city. The city plays a key role in building the economy of the country.


It is a country-city sandwiched between two rivers of Jhelum and Chenab. On the north of Gujrat lies Jammu and Kashmir. It is an important city and plays a great role in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. If you love country life, you can opt Gujarat as your home city.



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