10 best Belgium clothing brands you must try


best Belgium clothing brands

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Belgium is a beautiful country, owing to its several national treasures and historic buildings. Travelers can give you a better idea of their experience while traveling the beautiful places and tourist destination in Belgium. Charming people, tasty foods, and wonderful places are love of everyone touring or already have traveled to Belgium.

Moreover, buying designer clothing from popular Belgian clothing brands will add extra flavor to your experience of living or traveling in Belgium. Are you excited in reading about the best designer’s fashion clothing from Belgium?

Yes! Then let us move on to our list of best fashion designer brands in Belgium, as discussed in the next heading.

10 best Belgium clothing brands people should know


In Belgium, there are many talented designers such as the famous Antwerp. The group includes six friends, all talented in fashion designing. By selling their beautiful designer’s collection of clothing, Belgian fashion industry has become of the leading fashion industry in Western Europe. There are many other people who are selling beautiful designer’s dresses that you will reading in the next headings.

  1. Delvaux

    Delvaux is one of the best Belgium clothing brands, working for more than a century. The brand makes a huge number of collection of handbags, entirely made of leather and other natural resources. You can browse their collection of handbags at their official website.

  2. A. F. Vandevorst

    A.F. Vandervorst is one of the best Belgian fashion designers. The brand provides clothing for both men and women. People can browse an amazing collection of the brand’s clothing at their official website. Besides A.F. Vandervorst webstore, the brand also got its stores and boutiques in multiple major cities of the World. Moreover, to buy their collection people can visit their official website.Site: https://www.afvandevorst.be/en

  3. 2befashion

    It is a great fashion and clothing website, from where you can shop clothing for men, women, and children. In addition, you can shop international brands clothing such as Adidas, Nike, Gucci, Armani, and other top fashion brands. Take some time to visit their official website.

  4. Dries van Noten

    Dries van Noten is a talented Belgian fashion designer. He got fashion from his ancestors, as his grandfather was a tailor in a menswear shop. After completing his degree, Noten also adopted the clothing and fashion industry. He introduced his collection of clothing in Antwerp six collectives. He is now acknowledged as one of the best designers in the Belgium fashion industry.

  5. Ann Demeulemeester

    Ann Demeulemeester is a fashion designer from Kortrijk, Belgium. She belongs to the famous Irish fashion group, Antwerp six. Ann Demeulemeester completed her degree from the Royal academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. She is acknowledged as one of the most talented fashion people in Belgium. To discover clothing collections by Ann Demeulemeester, you can visit her official site.

  6. Walter Van Beirendonck
    best Belgium fashion brands

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    Walter Van Beirendonck is another designer, one of the 6 members fashion group, the Antwerp Six. Just like the other five members of the group, he completed his studies of fashion designing in the Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

    Van Beirendonck introduces bold patterns, classy notes, and bright colors in his collection of fashion dresses and accessories. To watch his collection, you can visit the designer’s website of Walter Van Beirendonck.

  7. Carbonellasuits

    It is one of the best Belgium clothing brands that people love to buy. The prestigious fashion house provides people quality suits to wear for all around the year. Wearing their shoes on special occasion will give you a great feel and inspiration, as all the eyes in the crowd would be attracted to you. Get their suits from their official website.
    Site: www.carbonellasuits.be

  8. Dirk Bikkembergs

    Dirk Bikkenbergs was born in Cologne, Germany. Later, he was taken to Dipenbeek, Limburg, where he spent most of the early years of his life. He initially spent his time in making sports clothing, especially football.In the year 1985, he won the fashion title, “Golden Spindle,” for his beautiful collection of clothing. He makes fashion dresses for all age group, i.e. men, women, and kids.
    Site: http://www.bikkembergs.com

  9. Dirk Van Saene

    A guy from Antwerp Six group, Dirk Van Saene, also inherited his talent of fashion designing from his mentors, just like the other people of his group. He is known for his unique taste of angular clothing and color blocking.Beside that he also opened his own fashion house, i.e. Beauties & Heroes, which he later sold to Dirk Van Saene. Beauties & heroes is considered as one of the best Belgian clothing brands,  You can still see the brand ‘s collection of clothing at their official site.Site: http://www.dirkvansaene.com

  10. Marina Yee

    Marina Yee is a one of the best Belgian fashion designers belonging to the group of the Antwerp Six. She completed her fashion classes from the same institute, i.e. Antwerp royal academy of fine arts. She, along with her other 5 fellows, studied under the apprenticeship of the famous fashion teacher, Linda Lopa.After completing her studies, she started her career at different high class fashion labels. Getting her fashion dresses will give you a great chance of standing out of the crowd, as the prestigious member of your community.

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